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Why Hire Translators?

Why hire us?


No more headaches dealing with freelancers: get a one-stop project team of European certified linguists (translators, copywriters, editors, proofreaders, on-site reviewers).

Four professionals cover every translation job: One native speaker of the source language and three of the target language.
Since most translations are completed on files prepared for Trados, our translators not only have excellent translation skills, but also know how
to handle such memory tool.
Our linguistic quality control phase includes 2 more steps: editing and final proofreading. Our editors compare source and target language to check word by word the accuracy of content. Our proofreaders who follow the editors in the linguistic flow focus on the target language only. They are extremely detail-oriented since they are responsible for the final linguistic quality of the document.
  Short turnarounds: 3 working days for most translations (up to 5,000 words).  
  No minimum charge. No rush fee. No hidden fees.  
Rates per word: based on number of words in your document before we translate.

Rates per hour: if your project takes less time than average, a discount fee is calculated upon completion of your project.

We can deliver your translation by e-mail (text, JPEG, PDF). Or by fax, via FTP, on a floppy disk, or hard copy.
On-Site Linguistic QA
While most translation and localization work is done offshore to maximize cost efficiency, there are times when you need a competent linguist to come to your premises. We have extensive experience in providing on-site linguistic QA, be it for a few days or a few months.
Why Hire Us?
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