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Bilingual English-French synopsis and baseline for a 90 second commercial broadcasted on Radio-Canada and released in Canadian movie theaters.
French linguistic review of toys packaging instructions, learning books for children in Preschool and Kindergarten, and parent guides. QA testing performed on LeapPad® Learning Systems.


Translation of international brochure “Every mother's guide to smiles” into French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Localization of Director MX into French. Verification of new strings. Installation, un-installation, UI, manual or automated scripts , and on-line help testing.

Linguistic review in French, German, Italian and Spanish for one of the first releases of 3ds max (on-line help files and print documents).

Translation from French into English of an advertising campaign launching a new dewormer for cats.

Reviewed, revised and translated into French, manuals related to a new apparatus used for the treatment of patients who carry sleep obstructive respiratory disorders (apnea, hypopnea, etc).

Localization of Solaris 9 updates for French, Spanish, Italian, German and Swedish. Linguistic review of installation wizards when using CD-ROM, DVD and network. Onsite testing for CDE sanity checking un-installation.

Translation from French into English of fantastic short stories written by French novelist Morgane Fersen.
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